About Missouri Meerschaum

Founded in 1869 by Henry Tibbe and his son, Anton Tibbe, Missouri Meerschaum has become the world’s standard for Corn Cob Pipes. Our genuine, sweet, cool-smoking Corn Cob Pipes have been made using the same processes since it’s founding; they are a mainstay in many pipe smokers’ collections, and an excellent resource for the fledgling pipe smoker.

Here are some fun facts about Missouri Meerschaum Company:

-Missouri Meerschaum Company has been in business longer than Coca-Cola General Electric, Anheuser-Busch, and AT&T.

-General Douglas MacArthur enjoyed pipes from time to time, and sent his personal aide (who lived near Washington) to us with a particular design. We of course obliged, and that iconic pipe is often seen in photos of General MacArthur. Interestingly enough, he was insistent that the pipe did not include a traditional stem. He made clenching look so easy! The shape quickly became popular and we included it in our lineup. We are still making that shape today!

-Power Struggles: In 1893, Anton built a power company to supply the factory with power. It operated only a few short years before he was approached by Union Power Company, and he sold them his power company. Never a slouch, Anton built a second power company in 1904— which Union quickly bought. That same year, Anton contacted Theodore Link who was a famous architect out of St. Louis (he designed Union Station) to build a third power company which was completed in 1915. Today, none of the three power companies create power: one is ‘The Driftwood Bar’, one is ‘Books for Educators’, and the earliest building is no longer standing.

-Specialty Corn: We teamed up with the University of Missouri to make a crossbred varietal of corn that has its roots from two different heirloom corns. Our corn is special because it has a particularly thick ‘woody ring’ in the cob that aids in great smoking qualities and durability. We take pride in using a natural, non-GMO corn without the use of pesticides.

-The Missouri Meerschaum Factory sits on the south bank of the Missouri River, and our fields are on the north bank of the river.


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  1. Have had your pipe for about a week. It fell apart and I am currently holding it together with electrical tape.

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