Introducing the New Hannibal Collection of Corn Cob Pipes!

Not too far north of our hometown of Washington, Missouri is the town of Hannibal on the west bank of the mighty Mississippi River.  Most people know Hannibal, Missouri, as the birthplace of one of America’s greatest authors, Samuel Clemens, whose pen name was Mark Twain.

Since Mark Twain smoked Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes and since he considered Corn Cob Pipes the best pipe to use to enjoy fine tobacco, it was an easy decision to name a new Corn Cob Pipe design in his honor, calling it the Mark Twain (shown at left).

This new pipe has a large, Dublin style bowl that we have not featured on our pipes since the 1930s.  Like all of our larger pipes, the Mark Twain smokes cool and has a large tobacco chamber that is great for a long, relaxing smoke.

At the same time that we developed the Mark Twain design, we also decided that we should have another “nosewarmer” style pipe.  This new pipe has a smaller bowl and is shorter than the Mark Twain.

It is very light and is great for a short smoke or for smoking while working with your hands. We called this new pipe the Tom Sawyer (shown at right) after one of the main characters in Mark Twain’s famous novels.

So that Tom Sawyer’s good friend and companion in mischief, Huck Finn, would not be jealous, we lengthened the bit (mouthpiece) on the Tom Sawyer and called it the Huck Finn (shown below).

These three pipes – the Mark Twain, the Tom Sawyer and the Huck Finn – comprise Missouri Meerschaum’s new Hannibal Collection.

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