Why Smoke a Cob?

YouTube videos, websites, Facebook pages, and other social media platforms are spreading the word in the pipe smoking community about the unique experience of smoking cobs.

Why do pipe smokers include cobs in their favorite line up of pipes?

Better yet, why do some pipe smokers smoke only cobs?

Cob smokers cite a variety of reasons for being true “fans” of our Genuine Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes. Tens of thousands – perhaps even millions, based on our daily shipping numbers – have smoked them for decades. And yet there are lifelong pipe smokers who have not experienced the pleasure of smoking a cob pipe.

Is affordable price important to you? A sweet smoking experience? Why do you smoke cobs? Why do you smoke our cobs – or haven’t yet?  Let us know!

6 thoughts on “Why Smoke a Cob?

  1. I own 2000, high grade pipes, dunhills Ashton’s , ferndowns, etc, I own 80 MM corn cob pipes and they smoke as cool, and I find myself smoking them more than my briars.
    I am very much a fan of the corn cob pipes, great job,
    Missouri Meerschaum.

  2. I don’t know why I picked a MM to start. Damn I must be a true American. lets see who else, General McArthur, president what’s his name LOL. No really its an American thing. Thank God we still have a few real American companies left. and they are true Red White and Blue. Also the taste of a Cob is very fine thank you…

  3. Why smoke a MM corn cob? First, I like the look. 2nd, a MM corn cob delivers the best tobacco smoking I have ever had, I can taste my tobacco. Should I break a pipe, I simply go through my massive collection of MM’s, and simply replace the broken part. I buy a lot of MM’s off of eBay, as I go for the older styles. I guess the main reason I started smoking cobs, would go back to my childhood and my love of Popeye cartoons. I probably have about 70 corn cob pipes. I choose 2 cobs and one, either clay or Meerschaum pipe for that day. The next day, I choose 2 other MM’s and another clay pipe, allowing my pipes to “rest”. I collect antique clay pipes, which I do not smoke, but do have a Lady in England who makes top notch clay pipes, which I use as regulars. But nothing, and I mean nothing beats a good quality corn cob pipe. Oh…fair warning here…do not buy corn cob pipes made in China. The are poor quality. Should you choose to smoke a corn cob, you can always count on Missouri Meerschaum. High quality, inexspensive and a wonderful smoke!

  4. I currently own 9 pipes, seven of them cobs. I know they’re joked about as being a poor man’s pipe, but I enjoy smoking from a cob better than a briar. I own one briar, and it’s a vintage Willard. The only other wooden pipe I have is a Missouri Meerschaum hardwood cherry pipe, and it smokes better than the briar. I just really like the affordability, and the fact you can smoke whatever tobacco you want to out of a cob, since they’re not porous. My favorite models are The Country Gentlemen, Great Dane Egg, Diplomat, Patriot, and General. I had a Missouri Pride I really liked at one time, but unfortunately Captain Black burned a hole through it. Like my Swiss Army Knife, it’s nice to know a company has been around since the 19th century, perfected their craft, and take pride in what they do.

  5. Being a college student, I often find my pockets empty and accounts broke. A good Missouri Meerschaum Cob Pipe allows me to relax not only financially, but also kick back and chill in style and ease. Whether I am with the guys, walking around campus, or enjoying God’s green earth, nothing draws smoother or looks any more American than my Genuine Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe.

  6. 18 cobs in my collection… I grap a cob more often than a briar… The ease and pleasent smoke they provide make them my favorite pipe… HANDS DOWN!

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